What are your prices?
Prices vary depending on location,type of event and degree of difficulty. We currently offer a variety one of a kind competitive games. Pirate and Castle theme 12x12 bounce house.  Great for backyard set up, 12 Hour to set up on level ground. Our bounce houses can be rented for the day up to 8 hours or 5 hour minimum.

What is your reservation policy?
All rentals from GOT GAME Party Rental require a %50 deposit. Deposit are due 3 days prior to booking. This deposit will be deducted from your total rental cost .Full payment is require upon delivery. WE ACCEPT CASH ,CHECK OR POSTAL MONEY ORDER. NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS.

Deposits are non-refundable unless due to inclement weather, however we will be happy to apply that credit towards a future rental within the same year as long as we are given a one week advance notice.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?
Due to the high demand on KAUAI for bounce house rentals we are able to cancel reservations with 3 day notice ONLY!! All deposits are non-refundable, however if given a one week advance notice we can reschedule your party. In the case of heavy rain or high winds you will be issued a full refund.

What if the weather is dark & ugly?
Weather in Kauai is sometimes unpredictable. A light misty rain is just fine. If it starts raining harder you'll want to get the keikis out until it stops. You'll also want to shut off the blower switch and let it deflate. As soon as it stops raining you can turn the switch back on and let the keikis go crazy again! Remind them there's no pushing or shoving. Note: Bouncy houses may have water from getting wet. Just wipe them out with a towel as needed.

What if it is raining at time of Delivery?
Unfortunately we will not be able to set up the jumper in heavy rain. You will be issued a full refund, however you'll have to promise to call GOT GAME Party Rentals for your future parties. We will deliver in scattered rain unless we get a cancellation call from you!

What if there are high winds?
We all know the trade winds on KAUAI can pick up at any time. If the winds persist and are over 25 mph please remove keikis from the unit and turn off the blower. The keikis can get back in when the winds have settled. Turn the blower back on and be sure all corners of the jumper are still secured.

How can I pay for my reservation?
We accept money orders, local checks, and cash.

Is your equipment clean?
We are very meticulous in our cleaning methods. We vacuum, clean, and sanitize all of our equipment to insure all children are in a safe, germ-free environment.

Is your equipment lead-free?
We are proud to boast that our bouncy castles are lead free. We only purchase the best equipment from manufacturers in the USA. Some companies choose to purchase equipment from other countries where lead in vinyl is not regulated --we will not sacrifice any child's safety!

Do you have Insurance?
GOT GAME Party Rentals is fully insured. We can provide a copy of our Certificate of Insurance at your request.

Do I need a generator?
Most of our bounce houses can be operated by a standard 110V outlet. GOT GAME RENTAL can supply generator for additional experience.

What if the jumpy castle is damaged during my party?
Damages are judged on a case by case basis. Our units are commercial grade quality and can withstand proper party use by following the rules listed below. If the unit is sliced or punctured we can not repair the unit on Kauai. In the event that Got Game Party Rentals must send the unit to the mainland for repair the renter will be assessed a repair fee.

Got Game Party Rentals Safety Rules

No Silly string in or near the bounce houses- silly string will damage the unit and customer may be liable for replacement. Units usually cost between $1,500 to $5,000 to replace. We do not recommend silly string at parties- they are highly flammable.

No Food or Gum

No Shoes or Flip Flops. We recommend wearing socks to protect feet.

No Pets. Animal claws will damage the unit and customer may be liable for damages caused during rental period.

No excessive weight. Most bounce houses fit an average of 8 children. If adults or big teens decide to jump please no more than 3 at a time depending on weight. Damages will be costly to repair- customer may be liable for damages caused during rental period.

No children or items hanging from the netting - netting damages are very difficult and costly to repair.

Only one person at a time on all of our slides. Too many children will pose a safety hazard.

If the unit is not fully inflated remove all keikis from the unit. Check to be sure the blower is on and connected properly.

Call Got Game if you have any questions or need help (808) 634-5754 Keiki safety is our #1 priority!

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